Emerging Businesses and Twitter

Using new media is a daunting enough task. Using new media to assist in starting a business is beyond difficult. Picking the right media outlet and giving followers consistency is what HopStop found to be useful in 2005.

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When HopStop CEO, Joe Meyer, met up with networking guru Neil Schaffer, the two new media networking specialists collaborated and put together a list of great ideas for being successful with social media, namely Twitter (HopStop’s primary ground breaking medium).

If You’re Not Using It, You’re Not Going to Be Successful at It

-Read between the lines, your Facebook account doesn’t reach Twitter followers. Find out exactly HOW to reach your customers and get involved with them!

Engage in Conversation as well as Facilitate Conversation with and Amongst Users

-Follow what your customers are saying, respond and provide feedback to your customers.

Get Important Feedback

-Take what customers are saying and integrate it into your company. It may not be information you’re particularly looking for but open your ears!

Recirculate Traffic

-Someone got to you online somehow. Link your Twitter account to articles that are published online, social media networks and other relevant sites.

Optimize your website for social media

Provide a link to “like” an article for Facebook and  a way to Tweet about your site. Give your users and customers a way to let them publicize FOR you.

Read more in Schaffer’s article to find more about HopStop’s successes and Schaffers reaction to the social media explosion.



~ by lisakwiese on 11/02/2011.

One Response to “Emerging Businesses and Twitter”

  1. I like the graphic you used at the start of the blog. I’m one of those people who like bullet style paragraphs so the bullet style you used was effective for me. The tips you listed are very practical for anyone using social media. It is very interesting to see how some people are utilizing all aspects of social media to further promote their business or cause. It definitely motivates me to become familiar with all the platforms out there to reach more people. Social media can be intimidating, but it is essential for all of us to learn especially if we want to be more marketable to employers. I look forward to your blog trio!

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