Social Media without a Profit

Using social media for promotion of a non-profit organization is a tool that author Jason Falls, feels could use the most improvement. Falls is a trailblazer with social media and creates innovative ways to bridge the gap between old PR and new PR given the digital divide. As the founding writer for Social Media Explorer and highly demanded speaker, Falls has an established reputation of success.

Non-profit organizations deal with their own set of struggles trying to make ends meet and still stay up with trending media. As I had mentioned in older postings (See: Emerging Businesses and Twitter), picking the right medium to connect with your users is vital to your success. Falls lays out the next few steps for promoting your cause via whichever network you decide to use: tell a compelling story, make a tangible goal, make it easy to give.

Get your followers involved! If fundraising is your goal, let your audience know your total goal, your status and how they can donate. Falls brings in the idea of placing widgets for monetary donations. If your organization is looking for volunteers, do the same. Provide many ways for your followers to stay involved and give them a reason to stay loyal to your organization.

What are some easy and interactive ways that your nonprofit organization has found to be interactive with your audience? Any ideas on in increasing your following?


~ by lisakwiese on 16/02/2011.

One Response to “Social Media without a Profit”

  1. Great blog! Non-profits face a unique challenge when it comes to connecting with their audience. How do you effectively raise funds without sounding too demanding? I can’t imagine working for an organization and having to raise thousands if not millions of dollars.

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