What’s in a tribe?

…and how you can get them to work FOR your brand.

Not every brand needs to have a viral campaign associated with it nor does need a reason to raise money. Conan O’Brien had a humorous, yet serious conundrum in early 2010 when NBC decided to cancel his show. As Amit Chowdhry points out in his article on Conan, his personality wouldn’t have survived without a rally of followers online. User submitted content to Reddit, Digg and even a comical self-published classified ad on Craigslist turned Conan into an internet sensation.

The savvy term for these sensational followings are called “tribes”. In the realm of nonprofit, you want to create your own tribe. Get your purpose out to your audience on many levels. Dig deep into what makes them tick. Achieve your ultimate goal that you’ve set out and focus on attaining the entire objective. An organization doesn’t need to have a purpose like Conan did, nor do they need to have a purpose beyond awareness. Not every campaign is about gaining resources.

Voce Communications went so far as to say that Conan is “winning at the Internet”. Conan has an edge up on everyone- the man is undeniably funny. If he wasn’t, his success wouldn’t have carried him to where he stands today. What makes your organization unique? How can you exploit that to create your tribe?

“Team CoCo” raised awareness. Yes, eventually it was a revenue-seeking route but it didn’t start out that way. In what way can a nonprofit organization put Conan’s methods to the test? Try it out. Create your tribe. People will love what you do.


~ by lisakwiese on 17/02/2011.

One Response to “What’s in a tribe?”

  1. “Team Coco” is an excellent example of a tribe. I liked how you tied him into the discussion of tribes. His following is such a strong force that kept him going during the rough patch at NBC.

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