Livestrong through Social Media

Time for a mix up! Let’s take a look at what Livestrong did to create such a powerful campaign (emphasizing on only one of their many gatherings). Livestrong, as you may know, was created and intends to spread awareness of the cancer burden that’s spreading rapidly all over the world. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the yellow bracelets “guerrilla” advertising but they most certainly spread like a virus. In the posted video at the bottom, the “name behind the name”, Brook McMillan, is interviewed and she explains the Livestrong World Cancer Summit that was held in August 2009. The video below is a long one (almost 10 minutes) but here are some highlights:

Twitter @livestrong and #livestrong
Using hashtags on Twitter (and possibly a managing site such as HootSuite or TweetDeck) can help track trending topics, encourage discussion and closes geography gaps with tweeting discussions. “TweetUp”- Lance Armstrong put up a five hour notice for a group bike ride that he wanted to host and over 1,200 bike enthusiasts showed up. If this doesn’t show you the power of social media, I don’t know what does!

Youtube, Facebook, livestrongblog, flicker,[…]
Multi-platform, multi-platform, multi-platform. Infiltrate your message (ensuring it’s the same message) through different social media. Jason Falls, from the previous posting, has two cents to put in on this idea. Falls iterates on his site that if you’re going to put out a message across all of your platforms, make the meaning is uniform but don’t spread the exact same message. Religious followers are looking for varied content so give it to them!

Besides the unflattering camera-work, how did this mo-jo do on her interviewing? Did she get helpful information from her interviewee?


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One Response to “Livestrong through Social Media”

  1. Livestrong was an excellent campaign. I’m impressed they had such a strong following and how other causes adopted the bracelet idea. After the initial outburst of yellow bracelets everywhere, more and more causes adopted the idea and followed. For awhile some people had multiple bracelets in support of various causes! It’s amazing what one idea can do.

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