Ride the Facebook wave

The last huge social medium I haven’t gone over is Facebook.  Facebook is as easy to use as any other network but its use and content that will really boost your nonprofit organization. The same concepts I have gone over for other mediums apply still.

Check out the posting in HopStop for tips on Twitter and think how that can help within Facebook.

David Gelles wrote an article in the Financial Times about what’s next for Facebook and what else Mark Zuckerberg(FB CEO) has up his sleeve.

The first thing that was mentioned was the use of Places. The concept of Foursquare hidden in a package and tied with a bow that is Facebook. The organization I see to get the most use out of this? Big Brothers Big Sisters.

How perfect!? Get mentors (Bigs) to “like” the organization and then have them check into places with their mobile device or have them update it after their “littles” return home.

Because the organization itself runs off of community partnerships and donations, this could truly be the next wave. It would be easier for mentors to track what community resources they’ve been using and for the branch to ask for more assistance from the frequently visited places.

That’s the newest… Now how do you optimize without Facebook Places? Take Web 2.0 for all it’s worth.

Post pictures and tag them. That’s the #1 reason Zuckerberg said that Facebook ousted any other picture hosting service online.

Use videos even if they’re not professionally edited. Your followers understand your budget constraints. In fact everyone’s feeling it. Use Facebook’s hosting capabilities to post videos of anything relating to your organization. People will be happy you’re moving forward with the trends.

Find interaction. That’s the sole purpose of Facebook Places but get interaction any way you can. Take the first step and people will return the favor.

What good organizations have you seen utilize Facebook?


~ by lisakwiese on 24/02/2011.

One Response to “Ride the Facebook wave”

  1. Although I understand the importance of Facebook Places, it still kinda creeps me out when I see where my friends are checking in on Facebook. I guess some people are comfortable with this option, but it makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I watch too much Dateline that makes this a little close to home for me. I think of the stalkers who are waiting for their victim to check into a place then they can follow them there. I know this doesn’t happen with everyone, but it’s a possibility that I don’t want to mess with. That’s just my opinion though.

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