Tollerance in Participatory Culture

It’s scary, yet quite progressive, to think that any sort of group can be established/establishing online. Tollerance is THE most important way to demonstrate the level-headedness of your organization. However you experience adversity or opposing viewpoints online, you will be judged by your reaction.


Not sure of exactly what to say? Good rule of thumb: respond using words that you would use with your grandma.

Be respectful. Everyone is allowed to have opinions on what you do and even if you think your organizational objectives are well-defined and justified.

Stick with me now- think of the Westboro Baptist Church. They cause a lot of controversy and experience a great deal of flaming using social media. Their reputation is quite negative but check out how one blogger from Tekblog responded. I think you’ll be surprised.

I am here to thank the WBC for their contribution to society.

I am not being facetious I really do think that without having this kind of evil in the world people get too complacent in their faith. Would a small town line the streets and travel from hours away to lay to rest a hero who had given his life for his country? We would like to say yes but that is not being honest it was because of a vile presence that gave people the resolve to prove that there is still good in the world and to honor someone who should have been given that kind of ceremony without the taint that the WBC brought to it.

This is exactly my point. Social media can be a force! Peaceful interaction and comment etiquette are vital to the success.

People don’t judge you on your best days, they judge you on your worst. Need I mention BP? You didn’t think twice about the organization until after the oil spill- then what did you think when the BP CEO made an arrogant statement saying he wanted his life back? You remember the crisis management first.

Show resilience through times of struggle and use that opportunity to become a better organization.


~ by lisakwiese on 02/03/2011.

2 Responses to “Tollerance in Participatory Culture”

  1. Lisa,
    Great post, I was thoroughly engaged! Thanks for sharing your insight!

  2. Very interesting! It’s interesting to showcase a controversial group. On a side note, your blog is looking very nice. I like the updates you made.

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