Online without FB, Twitter?

Starting online content on established social media networks. You don’t have to be a web junkie tucked in a corner cubicle to start a website. Cameron Chapman from Smashing Magazine gives nonprofit organizations a sneak peek into easy overall web design and how to make (and LET) your site work of you!

1. Make your site donor-friendly

  • “…simple and straight-forward process for people to give you money”

2. Make your site media-friendly

  • “Make it easy for journalists to find info about your organization.”
  • Media kits! Give ’em what they want!

3. Make your site volunteer-friendly

  • Give your site users and potential volunteers the benefit of knowing exactly how to become involved and

4. Make sure your organization’s purpose is immediately apparent

5. Make sure your content takes center stage.

  • Use multimedia if you have the resources. If you have the time or opportunities to become knowledgable in Flash, do it!
  • Work with side bars and a breadcrumb trail along the top to let users know what section of your site they are in order to assist in organization.

6. Ensure your website is consistent with other promo materials.

  • Advertising has shown us great success with brand identity this way.

7. Know your site’s purpose up front

  • Design your site on paper before you go live online.
  • “Make a list of goals…”

8. Include a news section (blog)

  • Check out my older posting on blogging etiquette and content.

Go to Smashing Magazine to check out their top 20 nonprofit websites.


Although web content is Web 1.0, there is a way you can incorporate all of your social media in on your site. Placing links to your social media sites helps complete your circle of following. It’s not about having the MOST content online but conveying the same message in a different manner. Is your web site and content up to speed with what your users want? Is mobile compatibility something your organization needs to turn to next?


~ by lisakwiese on 07/03/2011.

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